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X-act Project

X-act Project

X-act aims to utilise advanced cooperative robotic systems within European manufacturing and assembly facilities.

Overview of the X-act architecture

Dual arm robots resemble the human arm structure and are capable of imitating the human motion paradigm making them an attractive technology for manufacturing.
X-act focus is on enhancing dual arm robots for making them applicable in a manufacturing environment by the development of:

a) Dual arm robots enhancement/extension modules,
b) Dual arm robot intelligent motion planning algorithms,
c) Dual arm robot instructions libraries,
d) Simulation tecnhology
e) X-act sensor guided programming.

X-act investigates human-robot interaction along the following directions:

a) "Highly intuitive interfaces for cooperation of humans and robots", for enabling the cooperation of humans and robots during the execution of the assembly task.

b) X-act develops the so-called "Fenceless human robot supervision system", intending to provide the means for detecting/ monitoring human presence and adjusting the behavior of the robots.

X-act project investigates these concepts in real world manufacturing environments such as the ones encountered in two different industrial sectors; the first one in the  automotive assembly , and the second one in the reworking of electrical appliances market, including the disassembly, repair / substitution of components and then re- assembly.

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